• Company profile

     Shandong Sakura Sichuan aluminum products Limited by Share Ltd is a collection of research, development, production, sales as one of the modern high-tech enterprises, the enterprise covers an area of about 30 acres sakuragawa company is located in the beautiful China in shouguang.
    The share of Sakura is based on the national development strategy. With extremely rich technical operators, rich practical experience and advanced production equipment, the company is integrated into the development of profiles. The company introduced 5 advanced German coextrusion profile production lines, as well as a complete set of mixing equipment and more than 60 sets of profile moulds. 

  • Product introduction

    The aluminum alloy profile is used as the skeleton to ensure the rigidity and strength of the profile. A window corner by corner connection, further increase of window wind resistance, anti deformation ability.
    Aluminum extrusion profiles in the aluminum liner surface coated with a layer of plastic foam 3.5mm as the insulating layer, as everyone knows, the best insulation material is foam material, so we make use of the hard crust of the latest micro foaming technology in aluminum lining extrusion, plastic will melt the heated evenly through mold foam coated on aluminium lining, forming foam, uniform density, suitable for the combination of good foam insulation layer, the die structure and unique formula (Germany) at the surface of the plastic molding and a layer of 0.5mm above the hard plastic layer, this layer of hard plastic layer and complete evenly coated plastic foam layer, ensure the appearance of the profile hard and smooth, and the surface hardness reached the standard requirements and hard plastic doors and windows.

  • Corporate culture

    ———— The enterprise is proud to share the employees with the enterprise
    Employees are the main body of the enterprise's survival and development, and the basis for the existence of the enterprise. Respect for people, care for people, stimulate enthusiasm and enthusiasm, meet the reasonable needs of the staff, is the source of vitality and vitality of the enterprise.
    Enterprises must firmly establish the people-oriented idea, inspire people with clear goals, use the magnificent cause to agglomerate people, motivate people with scientific mechanism, and cultivate people in a beautiful environment. Efforts should be made to develop human resources to stimulate the enthusiasm, creativity and team spirit of the staff.

Focus on quality cooperation and win-win
Professional manufacturer
1.Good heat preservation

The aluminum alloy profile is used as the skeleton to ensure the rigidity and strength of the profile.

2.Beautiful appearance

Gao Liangguang, high light, semi matte, matte, flash metal and wood and other texture profiles and doors and windows products

3.Convenient assembly

Prevent the distortion of the window frame that is easy to appear in the ordinary plastic window

4.Guarantee of quality

The aluminum lining has been ensured to be strengthened in the doors and windows of the production doors and windows, which prevents the assembly plant from stealing the material.

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